Design services

System design and installation

An installed system is a major investment, but in the long run it can cost less than hiring a sound service for each event. Sweet Spot Sound can design and install a system specific to your venue.

First, we work with you to put together a system that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

In many cases, custom cabinets make the system more usable or protect it when not in use.

Custom cables are built and all ends labeled to make setup, changes and maintenance straight forward.

Custom equipment can be designed when nothing is commercially available.

Installation, setup and training complete the process.

Printed documentation supplied with the installation includes wiring diagrams, system description, and speaker processor settings. Of course, all original manufacturer's manuals are included.

Acoustic analysis

It's important to know the characteristics of the hall before investing money in a sound system upgrade or new installation, especially in an older facility. For example, long reverb times or resonnant nodes may hamper intelligibility. In most cases, these characteristics can not be improved through sound system tuning.

Sweet Spot Sound can perform the necessary analysis and identify acoustic treatment needed to take full advantage of an existing or new sound system.

System tuning

System tuning is the process of adjusting speaker processing to optimize the performance of each speaker cabinet, followed by minimizing interactions between cabinets in each array and finally interaction of each array and the room itself. A properly tuned system will sound noticably better and require less equalization to control feedback.

Sweet Spot Sound includes system tuning as part of any installation or system upgrade. System tuning is also offered as a standalone service for existing systems.


Operator skill has at least as much to do with sound quality as the equipment used and how it's installed. Sweet Spot Sound offers traning in sound system operation, theory of operation, trouble shooting and diagnostics, and system maintanence.