Concert Sound Service

Sweet Spot Sound provides everything you'll need for worry free sound at your event.

We discuss requirements with the promoter, venue manager and artist in advance to iron out technical issues and configure the system for venue, audience size, artist's requirements and promoter's budget.

An experienced crew handles setup and oversees operations to insure the audience and artist receive the best sound possible.

Sweet Spot Sound's engineers assist the artist's engineers, or mix to artist's and promoter's guidelines if the artist does not travel with a sound crew.

The complete system includes:

The largest configuration described above is suitable for for large clubs and concerts for audiences up to 7,000 patrons and is ideal for festivals. Sweet Spot Sound can scale back from this full-up configuration, supplying a system that will meet your needs and budget. The main speaker system can be cut in half for smaller venues and to save cost.

In many cases, a traditional FOH setup is not needed. The house mix is done on a wireless computer tablet and the console and other equipment remain on or next to the stage. No cables are run through the audience.

A typical system for meetings includes:

A typical system for a small musical event: