About me

My name is Kevin Windrem and I'm the owner and principal engineer of Sweet Spot Sound.

I have over 30 years of audio mixing experience including house and monitor sound mixing for rock, jazz, country, classical and world/ethnic music; theatre sound; stereo and multitrack location recording; Pro Tools recording, mixing and editing; and CD mastering.

I have an electrical engineering degree from the University of Arizona and design. I build and customize equipment for Sweet Spot Sound's systems and those I install for others.

While attending university, I worked at KGUN-TV in Tucson, Arizona as an engineer. My duties included on-air and production operation, and studio maintenance. I also helped install a new transmitter and completely overhauled the station's on-air and production facilities.

I moved to Grass Valley in 1977 to take a job at the Grass Valley Group. I started in the systems test group but moved quickly into a position as a design engineer in their video production group. I saw the company through various incarnations: as part of Tektronix, then on their own as Grass Valley Group, then as part of Thomson.

Soon after I moved to Grass Valley I became interested in audio recording and live sound. I began helping out with theater sound effect and mixing stage acts in the mid 80s. I put my first sound system together in 1992 primarily to help out some musician friends. In 1993, a local sound company closed up shop. Its owner also worked for GVG and asked me to take on his clients. The resulting business was named Sweet Spot Sound in 1996.

In March of 2004 and after 27 years with the company, my position with GVG was eliminated. It took me two days to realize this was an opportunity and about two weeks to convince myself that Sweet Spot Sound should become my primary source of income. It still seems like the right decision. I'm much happier and can focus 100% on my passion.